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As a voice over artist with a home studio, creating a podcast for a topic I'm passionate about was a logical venture. So, I host a podcast where I curate and narrate the best plant based content, with author permission, on a variety of topics ranging from plant-based health and nutrition to animal welfare and liberation, to planet-friendly, sustainable living in 10 minutes or less every weekday. 

My goal is to make it easy for people to learn about plant based and vegan living. There's so much great content online - there are countless blogs, posts and articles! I'm not an expert on these topics but I do love to research and learn. And as a voiceover artist with a home recording studio it was a natural fit for me to curate and share this information with you in audio format.


The beauty of having this information curated and presented in a podcast format is two-fold:


1. I do the research for you. (There's so much information that it can almost be overwhelming!)


2. You can listen while you're doing other things - when you're commuting, out for a run, walking the dog, or getting things done around your home. You can be educating or entertaining yourself at the same time! That's the beauty of podcasts, and why I love them so much!


The plant based revolution has only just begun. Interest in plant-based foods, cultivated meat, cruelty-free products and sustainable living is skyrocketing. Stay up to speed here.


Plant Based Briefing.

The curated-content plant-based podcast.

10 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

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